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Why should you support the HSG?

So you want to help the HSG Network a little bit more than voting? The cost to provide HSG Network's services are pretty high, with us running the following hardware:

  • 1x Database server(Coming in the future)

  • Hosting our HSG Network for all the servers database

  • 1x Game Servers($79.99/mo)

  • 1 Game Server Hosts Proxy Server,Hub Server and Survival. And any other game server types we release.

  • Web Server(Coming in the future)

  • Host our Webiste/Forums and couple of other things. We may add when we have enough funds to afford it. So we can have more website opotions.


    When you purchase a product or service from this site, you automatically accept that there is no refunds, because the items located at our store is virtual, and that it is a permanent payment. Exceptions can be made under special conditions, such as if an item twice has been purchased twice. If you wish to know if your payment is eligible for a refund, contact us as soon as possible after the purchase. We fully deserve the right to decide if your payment is eligible for a refund.

    Read more aobut he TOS of HSG Network