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Looking for staff members!
Hello, we are currently looking for staff members. Here is the list of staff positions open. If you would like to apply here http://hsgnetwork.net/app

Here is the list of the positions and brief description: 

Open Staff Position list:
- Assist System Administrator - Open
Description: You will Assist the Owner with backend stuff like. Working on Configs,Finding new features,work on new features. Also you will get a todo list from the owner that you need to do. 
- Sale/Advertiser Manager - Open
Description: You will be handling the sales and you will Advertise the server. 
- Event Manager - Open 
Description: You will handle all of the server's events.
- Admin - Open 
Description: You will handle in-game issues. like Griefing,Banning,Some chat, and some questions. 
- Moderator - Open 
Description: You will also handle in-game stuff. You will handle the Chat mostly and any questions that user's ask

If you would like to apply here is the link http://hsgnetwork.net/app 

Thank you
- HSG Staff Team
HSG Network Owner | Need help? PM ME!  | HSG Twitch | 

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